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Geniş Evler İçin Dekorasyon Fİkirleri

Pek çoğumuzun hayalidir geniş evler, bu makalemizde size avrupai bir dekorasyon  ve birbirine uyumlu objeler ve eşyalarla dekore edilmiş klasik bir tarzı tanıtmak istiyoruz.

















Traditional Patio, Orlando
Example of a classic patio design in Orlando

Traditional Patio, Orlando
Patio – traditional patio idea in Orlando
A terrace and pergola were added to increase the indoor-outdoor connection and capitalize on the attractive view, with the kitchen oriented toward the breakfast nook and terrace providing a focal point for entertaining and interacting with guests. Rear terrace is paved with travertine adding to the old-world, casual feeling of the home.


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